Vacation? What does your home insurance policy say?

January 21, 2019


Many people don’t realize when they are going on vacation, they are supposed to have some one check their house while they are away.   Depending on your policy how often they have to check your house will vary, some policies will say every other day, or every day.

Research you policy and make arrangements for someone who you trust to check the house.

Your insurance policy may state something like.

“… We cover damage caused by water (they then go on to define what water damage is), but we do not insure loss or damage caused by freezing during the usual heating season, of any part of a plumbing, heating, or air conditioning system or “domestic water container” within a heated portion of your “dwelling” if you have been away for more than two (2)  consecutive days…”

However you will be insured if;

have arranged for a competent person to enter your “dwelling” each day you were away to ensure the heating was being maintained; or
– shut off the water supply and had drained all the pipes and “domestic water containers”; or
if your heating system is connected by a monitored heating alarm to a station providing twenty-four (24) hour service…”
What should someone be checking while I am away?
  1. Walk in to home,
  2. Check all bathroom and kitchen taps.
  3. Check the basement.
  4. Check the furnace is running, and that the heat is still on.
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You don’t want to come home either of these!

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